Mantra for Success in Court Case

If you are troubling with any court case then try this powerful mantra of lord Hanuman ji . Lord hanuman ji is the monkey god; he is the 11TH Rudra Avatar of Lord Shiva ji .

Hanuman can do any task in the world with ease; he has the boundless power to do anything. If you worship of lord hanuman with full dedication and holy mind then there is no doubt to get rid from any issue with ease.

Tulsidas ji (The Writer of RamCharit-Manas) has been given lovely description of lord hanuman.
Durgam Kaaj Jagat Ke Jete | Sugam Anugrah Tumhare Tete || 
Kawan So Kaaj Kathin Jag Maahi | Jo Nahi Hoi Tat Tumh Paai ||
Meaning – Any work is done very ease by your grace which is very hard for anyone in the world. And you can do any tasks when you think about that.
Therefore if anyone chanting these given mantra of lord hanuman, he will definitely get success in life as well as court cases.
Mantra is as follows –
Pavan Tanay Bal Pavan Samanaa | Buddhi Bibek Bigyan Nidhanaa ||
पवन तनय बल पवन समाना | बुधि बिबेक बिग्यान निधाना ||
How To Chant – Before chanting you have to take a bath and wear fresh & holy clothes; then sit in front of lord hanuman with full dedication.
It has to be chanted or recited 101 times in a day or 21 times on prayer time (Morning & Evening) to get rid from any crisis and problems; you will get a peaceful and happiness life by god graces.

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