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Vastu refers to ‘abode’ and Shastra or Vidya means science or knowledge, so Vastu Vidya is the sacred holistic science pertaining to designing and building of houses.
Vaastu Shastra, a very old Indian science, sets down rules for the right design of rooms and development of structures in order to guarantee ‘satisfaction’, “peace” and “prosperity” for the prisoners. These are texts originate on the Indian subcontinent that express principles of design, space arrangement, layout, measurements, ground preparation and spatial geometry. In any case, it is not generally possible to plan a house with ‘perfect Vastu’ because of the site limitations. Pandit Tarsem Sharma Ji is a well experienced & popular vastu expert astrologer in punjab provides you the best vastu shastra tips for home. pandit tarsem sharma is the best vastu
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Vaastu Shastra is a directional science that viably joins five components of universe and nature. The science then adjusts the same with human being and materials. It is trusted that the universe is made out of five basic components – Air, Water, Fire, Space and Earth. These components additionally consolidate to make the human body. These are as follows-

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Earth: The Earth is known for its attractive and gravitational qualities and is the one regular component that connects with the five sensory organs inside the human body. Hence, this component has the greatest impact on human lives.

Water: This is also an important component, the biggest among the five. It constitutes more prominent than 80% of the human body and furthermore makes up 66% of the surface of the Earth. Vaastu helps in choosing the spots where the water sources must be put in a development.

Fire: The Sun fills in as the greatest source of energy. It gives us strength and vitality. Be that as it may, the sun may likewise contain hurtful rays, which need to obstruct according to suggestions of Vaastu.

Air: This is the most basic natural component as survival of individuals relies on upon it. Air is a mixture of gasses including Oxygen, Nitrogen, Hydrogen and Helium. These are all fundamental for people. Vaastu gives rules in building development so that the most extreme advantage from this component can be derived. Space: This regular component is unending and is not confined to any geographical limits. It is connected to the central part of any development site, which certainly should be kept open according to Vaastu rules. In the event that the component of Space is disturbed, it can result in hindrance of progress and growth. Meet with World Famous Astrologer Pandit Tarsem Sharma Ji, Vastu Expert / consultant in Punjab, he will offer you the best solution.